Our Campaigns

Hey, I’m Walking Here: 2013 & 2014 Los Angeles Walks is launching Hey, I’m Walking Here! (or in Español, ¡Ay, Estoy Caminando!), the first-ever pedestrian campaign for Los Angeles. Our campaign will not only increase pedestrian safety, but also highlight and celebrate walking as a conscious act that’s happening all over the city. And by expanding upon our existing Los Angeles Walks work, including awareness, events, community meetings and action, we’ll be able to support long-term efforts to build a more walkable Los Angeles. Read more about our campaign and help us fund this important effort! Safe Routes to Transit: 2012 In the Fall of 2011 Los Angeles Walks participated in Alliance for Walking and Bicycling Winning Campaigns training and this is what we developed as our first major campaign. Pedestrian conditions in the City of Los Angeles are in dire need of improvement, and these conditions discourage people from walking to transit and endanger those who do so.  The City needs to address this issue by increasing investments and resources for pedestrian facilities at and around high-use transit stops. Goals and Steps

  • Short-term (0-3 months)
    • Prepare a needs assessment report, listing the top 15-20 most dangerous transit stops in Los Angeles.
    • Release a public statement announcing the relaunching of LA Walks as part of the LACBC and announcing our Safe Routes to Transit Campaign.
  • Medium-term (3-12 months)
    • Narrow the list of project to 5 most pressing transit stops.
    • Do this, in part, by determining whether some projects identified in the needs assessment report are already part of another planning project and encouraging partners who are working on those projects to improve those stops.  Those stops can then be removed from the list.
  • Long-term (6-18 months)
    • Advocate to see the City of LA/LADOT to adopt a Safe Routes to Transit program and commit funding to that program on a regular basis.
    • Overlay the list of top transit stops with the Safe Routes to School plans for LA to identify the City’s most pressing infrastructure needs.