Meet LA’s pedestrian coordinators at our first annual fundraiser dinner on June 1!


We know what you’ve been wondering: How could we possibly top last year’s karaoke fundraiser? This year, we are so excited to announce our first annual fundraiser dinner for Los Angeles Walks!

On the evening of Saturday, June 1, we’re hosting a street food-inspired dinner for LA’s pedestrian advocates honoring our very special guests, LA pedestrian coordinators Margot Ocañas and Valerie Watson. The dinner will be held at the beautiful midcentury modern house of our founder Deborah Murphy, designed by J.R. Davidson and remodeled by R.M. Schindler, nestled high in the hills of Silver Lake. In addition to being an urban designer, Deborah’s also a caterer(!) and has planned an amazing meal inspired by iconic street food of LA.

How do you get tickets to this incredible event? Glad you asked! We’ve launched our Hey, I’m Walking Here! campaign on Kickstarter—if you remember the proposal we did for LA 2050, we didn’t win a grant, so we’re funding it ourselves here. And if you pledge $100, you’ll receive one ticket to the dinner.

Go here to back our campaign and get your ticket to the dinner!

But that’s not all! We also have plenty of other ways to support us…


For a pledge of $10-$50: You’ll be the first to receive our new Los Angeles Walks campaign merchandise like buttons, posters and a brand-new limited-edition bandana designed by Colleen Corcoran.

For $100: As we mentioned above, you’ll get one ticket to the dinner.

At the $200 level: You’ll get TWO tickets to the dinner as well as one set of all our campaign materials (buttons, poster, bandana).


For just $250: In addition to TWO tickets to the dinner and all our campaign merchandise, you’ll join one of our steering committee members for a custom LA walking experience. All tours take place in Los Angeles at a time and place which are mutually agreeable to all parties, and yes, you can bring friends to the tour:

  • Learn how to commute car-free with Alexis Lantz.
  • Have Jessica Meaney teach you how to maximize your daily FitBit activity (includes a FitBit!).
  • Head out on a transit and walking tour with Mark Vallianatos to learn how land use policies shaped Los Angeles.
  • Get a behind-the-scenes look at the Spring Street Parklets with Daveed Kapoor.
  • Meet Colleen Corcoran for an urban nature adventure.
  • Explore the secret restaurants and alleyways of Chinatown with My La.
  • Have Alissa Walker design you an architectural walking tour that ends with ice cream.

And for $500: You’ll join L.A.’s pedestrian coordinator Valerie Watson and our founder Deborah Murphy on a very special walk to learn practical, actionable steps for how to improve a street or block in your own L.A. neighborhood. This would be a great benefit for a school or neighborhood group to share. And you’ll receive TWO tickets for the dinner and two sets of all the campaign merchandise as well.

But hurry… tickets for the dinner and these one-of-a-kind experiences are limited, so back our campaign now so you don’t miss out. Support our campaign today!

The First Annual Los Angeles Walks Fundraiser Dinner
Honoring LA’s pedestrian coordinators Margot Ocañas and Valerie Watson

Saturday, June 1
6:30 to 10:30 p.m.
At the home of Deborah Murphy in the Silver Lake neighborhood of LA
Cuisine inspired by iconic LA street food
Address and directions provided via email to attendees
Tickets can be purchased here
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Please note that your payment will show that it’s going to the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition. LACBC is graciously acting as our fiscal sponsor since we are not yet a nonprofit. That means that they will receive and track all the payments for us, then turn the money over to us. We’re very appreciative of all their help!

If you’d like to purchase multiple single tickets to the dinner only, you have two options:

  • Each attendee can log in and back the project separately, choosing the $100 reward.
  • You can pledge the total dollar amount ($300 for three tickets, for example) and choose the $100 reward. In that case, please email us at hello at losangeleswalks dot org to let us know to reserve extra spaces for you.

All details about the dinner including address and directions will be sent to backers via email. Read more about our campaign here. See you on June 1!

Thank you so much for your support!

Hosted by the Los Angeles Walks Steering Committee: Deborah Murphy, Alexis Lantz, Jessica Meaney, Colleen Corcoran, Alissa Walker, Mark Vallianatos, My La, Daveed Kapoor, and Tilza Castillo

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