WalkLAvia: everyone walks in LA

We want to thank everyone who joined the WalkLAvia walking parade yesterday at CicLAvia! We had so much fun and hope that you did too! Over 50 people turned out for the parade from downtown Los Angeles to Exposition Park.

As the group made its way down Figueroa Street, we cheered, carried signs and banners, learned about the history and future of the corridor, and greened the side of the roadway with seed bombs. We had a great group of folks! Check out all the event photos here.

WalkLAvia got lots of great media coverage, including a plug from City Councilmember and Mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti at Sunday’s CicLAvia press conference, and a reminder from Garcetti that CicLAvia is for walkers, skateboarders, wheelchairs, as well as cyclists. Los Angeles Walks founder Deborah Murphy also had the honor of meeting with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa before WalkLAvia started!
Stay tuned for information on future WalkLAvias and other events like our FREE walking tour of Silver Lake on October 21. We invite you to join us for our next community meeting in Leimert Park on November 15. In the meantime, keep walking!
—Rachel Bennett

Get ready to WalkLAvia this Sunday at CicLAvia!

We’re gearing up for our big WalkLAvia walking parade at this Sunday’s CicLAvia! We’ve got homemade signs, popsicles, seed bombs, giant puppets, bubbles, jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, capoeira artists, and more! WalkLAvia got some great media coverage this week, including:

We’ll begin our walk at 8th and Figueroa and walk down to the new Expo Park hub of the CicLAvia route. Safety and fun are our primary concerns, which is why we chose Figueroa—a nice, wide street that can fit our group of walkers as well as passing cyclists. Meet on the northwest corner of 8th and Figueroa at 11:30am (just south of the new Target and one block south of the 7th St/Metro Center Metro stop). The group will depart at noon and should arrive at Expo Park around 2pm. At about 12:15pm at Gil Lindsay Plaza, we’ll hear from Melani Smith of the Meléndrez design firm about the My Figueroa Corridor project, which will make Figueroa more pedestrian friendly and install LA’s first protected bike lanes.

There are multiple Blue Line and Expo Line stops along the route so people can follow our progress on Twitter (@LosAngelesWalks, #WalkLAvia) and meet up with us along the walk. The transit stops are also convenient for folks that would like to join us for the start of the walk and then head back to downtown early.

See you Sunday!

—Rachel Bennett

Walk, parade, jump rope, perform and more with us at CicLAvia on October 7!

Strollers wanted!

Join us in our walking parade down Figueroa at the next CicLAvia on Sunday, October 7th. We will be meeting up at 11:30 a.m. at 8th & Figueroa (on the side of the street where the new target is) and leaving at noon to enjoy a walk down Figueroa all the way to Expo Park. Wear your walking shoes, bring your families and join us for some or all of this three-mile stroll. It follows the new Expo Line route so if you get pooped you can hop on the Metro.  We’ll have a banner, signs and puppets—join us and bring other fun stuff! Let’s all celebrate LA, and create a pedestrian critical mass. Contact Jessica and let us know if you want to be part of our parade. jessica.meaney(at)gmail(dot)com or RSVP on our f-book event.

Performers and artists needed!

CicLAvia is the perfect event to get out and share your talents with Los Angeles. Help us make Figueroa the most exciting new addition to the CicLAvia route by joining us on our walk or by setting up at a location along Figueroa. There are plenty of urban spaces along the route segment that need your talents to create dynamic community spaces.
Let’s all celebrate LA, and create a pedestrian critical mass. Contact Alexis and let us know what you’re talent is and where you want to set up. alexislantz(at)gmail(dot)com

Volunteers and crafty friends welcome too!

Don’t want to be a performer but get in on the mix? You can join us at Jessica’s house on Sunday, September 23 for our icon making party. We are printing out four foot images of iconic LA sights that Colleen has designed, such as Randy’s Donuts, students walking to Metro, and all the other rad images from our buttons and logo. We have a list of supplies needed and welcome help on this endeavor. And you can go off script—we welcome new ideas! Contact Jessica if you want to join our prep party at her place in Echo Park via email at jessica.meaney(at)gmail(dot)com