$3 billion road bond gets a second look

Nice bump outs

On January 9 we headed to a City Council meeting with many of our street-minded friends to stop a bond measure planned for the May ballot that would allocate $3 billion to repairing roads across the city. Wait—why would we want to prevent streets from being repaired? It’s not that we don’t want the streets to be fixed, but we were concerned about how the streets would be improved. The proposal focused on improvements for cars only, only making changes to sidewalks if money was left over. The way we see it, If LADOT is going to fix some of the most troubled streets in the city, this is a great opportunity to turn them into livable streets that can serve not only cars but bikers and walkers, too.

Our own Deborah Murphy and Jessica Meaney testified along with about 20 other bike and pedestrian advocates. In the end, the council decided not to put the bond on the ballot and conduct outreach to find a better solution. You can read more coverage on Streetsblog as well as on LACBC’s blog, plus you can download the policy brief [PDF] which we signed as an organization.

We’ll be sure to post any news we hear about meetings, but in the meantime you can contact your councilperson to let them know how you feel about the bond.