311 is a Walker’s Best Friend

You can dial “311” on your phone, or go to lacity.org/myLA311. If you have a smartphone, you can download the MyLA311 App. While the City might not act upon your requests immediately, it’s important to show the demand for better walking infrastructure by making as many requests as we can.

So, what can you request with 311?

  1. Curb Ramps: If you see an intersection crossing that doesn’t have a curb ramp, be sure to note which direction corner and intersection!
  2. Uneven Pavement: If there is a broken sidewalk or some other defect that could cause someone to trip, be sure to note the nearest address.
  3. Blocked Sidewalks: If there is garbage or a plant that is making walking on the sidewalk difficult, you can report the offending address to 311.
  4. Crosswalk Repairs and Installations: If a crosswalk paint is faded (or was never painted), snap a photo to make your report more clear.
  5. Signal Timing: Federal Law require all traffic lights to have a pedestrian countdown that is white for at least 3 seconds, and then flashes red for at least 1 second for every 4 feet of street width. If the timing seems too quick, you can report it.
  6. Broken Streetlights: If you notice a damaged or missing streetlight, you can request a repair easily.

To get your issue prioritized, identify these repairs as a ‘hazard.’ Once the city is made aware of a dangerous condition, there is a greater legal urgency to fix it, to avoid lawsuits. So, by mentioning that it is a ‘hazard’ you can expedite your request.

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