Have you ever done a walk audit?

Ever heard of a walk audit? Well, it's a powerful City planning tool used by engineers and community members alike. And it's simple. You walk around your neighborhood and assess needs related to transportation, access, and walkability. Need a stop sign? Flat side walks? More signal time? Street lighting? That all part of a walk audit.

Now imagine dozens of your neighbors doing their own and you combined those stories and data. You've essentially built a community roadmap for safe streets.

Safe street promotoras Gaby and Nancy virtually hosted their own walk audit in Wilmington to showcase and example to community members. 

And thanks to our safe street community promotoras, we're able to continue our walk audits, even during a pandemic. As a part of a 10-month long PedPower workshops, our community promotoras Nancy & Gaby have trained nearly a dozen families in Wilmington on tools such as:

  • Using Google Earth 🌎 to create community maps
  • Understanding how to build and lead 📋 walk audits
  • How to analyze data 📊 and stories collected from walk audits

Once completed, our Wilmington partners will have a compelling, community-led, and data-driven case to the City for safe streets. 

Our Project in Wilmington

All of this is part of our Calles Seguras, Familias Sanas project, where through community-led solutions and strategy we secure life saving pedestrian infrastructure. In Wilmington, we're now mid-way through our PedPower workshops and readying for our safe street campaign in 2021.

Curious about doing your own walk audit?

There are plenty of resources to conduct your own walk audit. We recommend the 880 Cities walk audit templates, which are easy to use for any age and education and available in English and Spanish. The data and stories you collect is the kind of on-the-ground community data unavailable to the City. So know its value! 👏👏👏

Be sure to share with us on social media. And if you have any questions, we're here to help you! 

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