Let's Talk About Scooters

We love shared bikes and scooters (also known as "personal mobility devices") -- we really do! Dockless scooters and bicycles could be a boon to Los Angeles, which suffers from car-clogged streets and polluted air. They're likely to reduce car trips and increase walking trips, which we're all about. 

As the City of Los Angeles develops its rules and guidelines for a pilot dockless scooter and bike program, though, we want to make sure operators (and eventually users) seriously consider the rights and needs of vulnerable populations like older adults and people with disabilities. These groups often rely on walking and rolling for transportation and physical activity, and deserve a reliably clear, safe, accessible public realm. 

On Wednesday, June 27, 2018, the Los Angeles City Council Transportation Committee discussed, amended, and approved pilot program rules and guidelines developed by the Los Angeles Department of Transportation.

Click here to read the letter we submitted to the Transportation Committee.

We appreciate Councilmember Bonin and Councilmember Martinez requiring that operators conduct outreach with disability rights groups or Independent Living Centers as part of the permit application process. 

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