No more "Thoughts & Prayers" for LA Pedestrians

Did you hear? We're half way through 2021 and Los Angeles is already on its way to exceed last year's traffic death count. According to this LAist article:

[the] normal relationship in L.A. means a person is killed as a result of a crash about every 36 hours on average. For the first half of 2021, the city is averaging one traffic death about every 30 hours.

We've had enough.

Around 40,000 Americans are killed every year from traffic violence, which has worsened in cities across the country in the past decade. In 2021, LA saw a 45% increase in pedestrian injuries from traffic crashes.

Our parents & friends wave signs at a memorial for siblings Eli & Lexi. February 2020


And the state of LA's pedestrians is connected to your 3 hour driving commute. Dangerous high-speed neighborhood streets, dilapidated sidewalks, and unreliable public transit are the forces that push so many Angelenos into their cars.

Our slow jams with Vista Charter School. September 2018

This isn't how LA needs to be. No more "thoughts and prayers" for our neighbors, brothers, mothers killed in traffic violence. It's time we build a movement for safe streets and a more connected, less congested Los Angeles.

What can you do?

  • Support smart policies, like AB 43 which would give local jurisdictions the authority to lower speed limits, which currently they do not. 
  • Rethink LA Vision Zero. After much fanfare in 2015, LA City's Vision Zero policy (goal to eliminate traffic deaths by 2025) has seen an increase in deaths. If our elected officials are serious about safe streets, we need stronger political commitment that's tied to infrastructure change and public transit investment. 
  • Get involved with local change. Engage your community and elected officials. Ask for safe streets, slower traffic, and better access to your buses and trains. Need support? Reach out to us at [email protected]

Finally, support your local pedestrian non-profit! It takes resources and time to transform a city like Los Angeles. So walk with us!

Los Angeles Walks & Street Racing Kills speak with FOX11 about unsafe streets. July, 2021

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