Promotores are key to successful contracts

Who better to hire for community infrastructure and pedestrian projects than the community itself? Last year, Los Angeles Walks' safe street promotores were contracted by the LA Neighborhood Initiative (LANI) to do community outreach on changes to improve the pedestrian and community infrastructure along the Wilmington Waterfront, a 30-acre park by the port of LA. In total, the project reached engaged 970 stakeholders, of which 84% was from Wilmington and 95% were Hispanic or Latino. 

Our friends at LANI just released a report and one thing is clear: safe street promotores were key to successful and genuine community engagement

"The Promotoras, residents of the Wilmington community, were highly successful at engaging community members and returned 873 survey responses through one-on-one outreach, contributing to the overall 970 responses."

  • John Yi
    published this page in Blog 2023-01-23 15:49:20 -0800

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