We train and mobilize Angelenos to advocate for safe, walkable communities across Los Angeles. A walkable LA, is a just LA.

The Return of LA Speed Humps!

It's official, LA City's Department of Transportation speed hump request program is coming back! Speed humps are the most requested safe street infrastructure we hear and for good reason. They can reduce the likelihood of neighborhood children getting hit by a car by 60%!  

The Heart of LA's Movement for Just Mobility

At Los Angeles Walks, we are building a grassroots movement for a more walkable, connected and just LA by rooting ourselves in the very communities our City's transportation system has failed. They are the heart of LA's movement to fight traffic violence, reduce congestion and improve mobility for ALL.  Today,...

A Lesson in WOONERFS

During my childhood, I rarely walked or biked to school as I lived in a suburb and my home was located four miles from the schools I attended growing up. I relied on my parents to drive me from place to place and this dependence on cars only continued as...
Our vision
To activate and mobilize historically disinvested communities in Los Angeles to transform their streets into safe, accessible and vibrant environments for people who walk.
About LA Walks
A vibrant Los Angeles where our most disinvested communities are able to build thriving lives with access to quality schools and employment, health care and recreation through robust public transportation and street infrastructure that enables people to walk and move safely through their neighborhoods and the city.


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