Our Mission

Los Angeles Walks is a pedestrian advocacy organization that makes walking safe, accessible, and fun for all Angelenos.

We are dedicated to promoting walking and pedestrian infrastructure in Los Angeles, educating Angelenos and local policymakers concerning the rights and needs of pedestrians of all abilities, and fostering the development of safe and vibrant environments for all pedestrians.

Our Vision

Los Angeles is a vibrant city in which people can and do walk regularly for transportation, exercise, or fun. Policymakers and residents appreciate walking as a valuable form of transportation, and Angelenos of all ages, ethnicities, incomes, and abilities are able to walk or move safely through their neighborhoods. 

Our Values

  • WE VALUE amplifying the voices of those most impacted by dangerous street design and reckless driving.
  • HOW WE LIVE IT: We coordinate and support SoCal Families for Safe Streets, a group of individuals who each lost a loved one in a traffic crash or survived a severe collision, and who channel their grief into action.
  • WE VALUE prioritizing marginalized and historically neglected neighborhoods and communities.
  • HOW WE LIVE IT: We partner with community-based organizations in overburdened and under-resourced neighborhoods to train and mobilize residents around long-overdue street safety changes.
  • WE VALUE building residents' local knowledge and collective power to shape their own environment.
  • HOW WE LIVE IT: We collaborate with neighborhood groups on projects that increase human connection, reimagine their environment, develop capacity and community power, and physically change streets.
  • WE VALUE sharing in the collective work of others who contribute to a safer and healthier city.
  • HOW WE LIVE IT: We share information, resources, connections, and opportunities that contribute to a safer, healthier city.

Our History

In 1998, urban designer Deborah Murphy founded Los Angeles Walks along with friends who were focused on fostering a more livable city. Over the years, thanks to a large and dedicated group of volunteers, Los Angeles Walks has consistently worked to raise awareness about pedestrian issues and bring attention to the role of walking in the City of Los Angeles. In the fall of 2011, under the fiscal umbrella of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, Los Angeles Walks began a sustained, grassroots efforts at an increased level to support walking in L.A. In 2013, Los Angeles Walks was granted fiscal sponsorship by Community Partners, joining 150 local projects moving the region forward. In 2015, we hired our first full time staff member, Emilia Crotty, and have grown to a staff of three.

Our Graphics

Artist Colleen Corcoran designed all our wonderful logos and headers. Check out her work at www.placeandpage.la.


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