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  • Mario McCullough
    commented 2022-03-16 00:14:54 -0700
    Please contact me wifi poisoning need help
  • Enrique Martinez
    commented 2022-02-09 10:45:59 -0800
    We need a suggestion inbox and a general contest of ideas: how to make cars safer by design each person has a 92 M dollar thinking machine
  • Enrique Martinez
    commented 2022-02-09 10:44:51 -0800
    What we need is a general contest of ideas, and for groups like yours to have a dedicated suggestion box how to make the whole thing safer, all answer
  • Ediz Tiyansan
    commented 2022-02-07 15:17:35 -0800
    Hi John, I just left you a voice message as well. I’m a journalist based in Los Angeles, currently covering the story of traffic accidents going up over the past year despite the pandemic, and we’d love to get your insight on the subject matter. Would you be available for a brief Zoom (or in person) interview at your soonest convenience?

    Thanks so much in advance,

  • Carl Benecchi
    commented 2022-02-02 18:43:29 -0800

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  • Anthony DeMarco
    commented 2022-01-30 20:59:19 -0800

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  • Angela Vassel
    commented 2022-01-06 22:47:01 -0800
    Hello. I just saw a report on Channel 11 on your objective to make streets safer for pedestrians. If I may make a suggestion, it would really help schools is the surrounding streets had speed bumps. There are so many drivers that ignore the school speed limit and drive recklessly around schools. That would be my suggestion to help make streets safer for students and their families.

    I am a teacher for LAUSD at 99th Street School. I have worked in the south central area schools throughout my entire 20+ year career as a teacher.
  • SELF denied Holy Warrior for Jesus Holy Trinity
    commented 2021-10-12 12:05:08 -0700 , GAB is an alternative to Twitter – , jeffreydavidmorris on

    global extermination by 2025 – It’s gonna be a literal, human incomprehensible global bloodbath massacre & not even the word nightmare nor Crime’s against humanity can scratch the surface.

    “Covid 19 does not exist documentary” by Middle Eastern (who loves USA, FORMER Muslim, FORMER Atheist & just simply isn’t religious but is NOT a hater) documentary film maker, Sheikh Murad, and

    Those behind 09/11/20021 attack’s in New York, USA re: the 3,000 people who were JUST going to & being amidst thereof their daily vocational employment work; Barbara Honegger, Author, Researcher and Public Speaker, is the Creator of the video “Behind the Smoke Curtain” investigating the events at the Pentagon on 9/11 – Email: [email protected], and

    Judy Mikovits a former associate of Anthony Stephen Fauci who worked along side him BEFORE she really SELF deemed what he was doing was (?), OH SO WRONG in so many way’s & on so many level’s so she ‘bounced’ (as we say from the streets), she chose her own more safer independent path. WATCH THE BANNED VIDEO PLANDEMIC, Plague of Corruption – and and WARNS FAUCI MAY RELEASE MORE DEADLY BIOWEAPONS ON THE WORLD

    Stephanie Savell, (why DOD issues dirty paper’s to those of the branches that appear ‘broken’, thus, why homeless Vet’s can’t get services, misc because their blacklisted) anthropologist & is co-director of the Costs of War Project at Brown University’s Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs. Email: [email protected], [email protected], Website:

    Nancy MacLean, you can web search her name & book title & you should find it; Author of example: “Democracy in Chains”, American historian, “Duke” Professor – Email: [email protected]

    Dr. Judy Wood knows alot about & of 09/11/2001, Email: [email protected], her website:

    Amelia Kenyon, ‘Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines’ – Email: [email protected], [email protected] & [email protected], her website: and

    what is ‘project dragonfly’; < The Church & Vatican, centuries – to date are / is (understatedly) evil CORRUPT! DON’T be fooled! And NOT what ‘it’ was intended nor suppose to have been per / via ‘Holy ground’. DHS & FEMA to say the LEAST, telling the clergy, “YOU KEEP THEM IN CHECK, MISC ELSE OR WE’LL DO IT FOR YOU!”); It has been reported that 28,000-100.000 pastors have been recruited by FEMA/DHS, as part of the Clergy Response Team.

    The Clergy Response Team has been briefed on their purpose in the event of civil upheaval where the people refuse to obey the laws that are implemented in the times of crisis in the United States. Members of the clergy response team have been told that they are to encourage their congregations to obey the authorities in the event of Martial law, and possible forced population relocations. The clergy response team has been encouraged to use Romans 13 in the bible as inspiration for abiding and obeying extreme laws in times of major emergency in the United States.

    Deborah Tavares, (she lives in Sonoma County – Northern California), & is a activist with a research team – Email: [email protected], Her website:

    Author: Paul L. Williams book, Killing the Planet (Earth).;source=kp_book_description

    Elana Freeland is a investigator on various societal, misc thing’s that affect us all USA – globally, & her email address should be at the bottom of the front web page of her website, just scroll downward to the bottom –

    And American interdisciplinary scientist: James Marvin Herndon,
  • Lauren Akmaeva
    commented 2021-10-08 14:51:20 -0700
    I don’t have a car. I organized my life that I can walk my kids to daycare and walk to work. I appreciate that cities like mine, Santa Monica, work closely with shared scooter and e-bike companies. Certain operators are chosen for pilot programs because they have sidewalk-detection technology. But it appears to me none of the companies have actually turned these technologies on. Veo, Wheels, Lyft, etc. must all be made to turn on the sidewalk detection technology so pedestrians on sidewalks aren’t run over at 12 mph from behind or turning a corner.
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  • SELF denied Holy Warrior for Jesus Holy Trinity
    commented 2020-12-26 12:29:46 -0800
    global extermination by 2025 – And I’ve sent this & messaged DOD & military base’s in new mexico re: Dulce’s military base as well; It’s gonna be a literal, human incomprehensible global bloodbath massacre & not even the word nightmare nor Crime’s against humanity can scratch the surface. Including those fool’s (devil court jester’s) – The ‘Utah Data Center’, code-named “Bumblehive”. And the Multiprogram Research Facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

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    And worth noting, when Satan got defeated in the desert amidst Jesus’s testing, Satan just deemed, "Fine, I’ll just go after Jesus’s next best thing, HIS Little One’s (children / kid’s) THROUGH the adult’s.

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    Huh, LISTEN . . . to our fellow human Brother, just another Son of Adam & Eve, Steven Frederic Seagal’s word’s very carefully & TAKE IT TO HEART!

    Los Angeles County (California, USA), 88 cities & 20 + year’s = vast dead & killed fellow homeless human’s;

    Author: Paul L. Williams book, Killing the Planet (Earth).;source=kp_book_description

    Huh, TRY THIS on for size per / via you’re brain = global extermination by 2025, & whom TOP Power deem that 9/11/01 was JUST a TEST to see just how the global masses would react & respond.

    Deborah Tavares, (she lives in Sonoma County – Northern California), & is a activist with a research team – Email: [email protected], Her website:, & check THIS podcast she did: YOU local – global humanity NEED to SERIOUS listen to, because ceasing of humanity is Coming, please & SHARE it! Or you can hear it here –
  • Eileen Carman
    commented 2020-12-07 16:28:05 -0800
    Do you have any resources to help those victims of drunk drivers?
  • Janet Campbell
    commented 2020-11-30 14:48:12 -0800

    Caregivers are truly heroes. Whether family members or professional healthcare providers, and no matter if they’re caring for children, adults or senior citizens, those who provide in-home care are a selfless group that often puts the health and well-being of others over their own… especially right now.

    I’m reaching out to you today because although I could never do enough to show my support and admiration of caregivers, I thought I could offer a small gesture. Below is a resource list I put together that I thought you may want to add to your site with supportive resources for caregivers and those seeking their services. (- is such a wonderful site for caregivers and families with special needs, so my hope is that these will be a good fit for you.

    Here is my resource list along with information about what each article discusses.

    10 Things to Consider Before Becoming Your Parent’s Caregiver

    For those considering becoming a caregiver for their parent or another senior loved one, it’s important to think about the full reality of what it will entail. This guide lays out the considerations adult children should make.

    Preventing Caregiver Burnout

    Caregiver stress is a huge risk. This article offers insight on the signs of burnout and self-care tips for coping with this high-pressure job.

    Caring for a Senior With Alzheimer’s At Home: Tips & Strategies

    Caregiving for someone with Alzheimer’s is a huge undertaking. This guide discusses what it entails and is a helpful resource for anyone considering taking on the role themselves or hiring a professional.

    Interviewing Private Caregivers for Your Home Care Job

    This checklist is a great plan of action for finding a qualified and compassionate healthcare provider no matter what kind of caregiver you’re looking for.

    When Is It Time to Put a Loved One in a Retirement Home?

    There may come a point when a senior can’t safely live at home, even with the help of a caregiver. This guide explains professional care options for outside of the home and how to know when the time to make the transition is right.

    Financial Support for Caregivers: The Ultimate Guide to Home Care Costs, Financial Aid, and Financial Planning for Caregivers

    While it discusses senior citizens specifically, the information in this article can be applied to finding financial support for caregivers for children and adults as well.

    I hope the above info is helpful to you and your readers! In addition, would you consider allowing me to write an original article you can share on your blog in support of caregivers? I was thinking about putting together a piece on services, technology, and other assistance that can help long-distance caregivers whose loved ones live far away. I think that type of information is really important, especially with everything going on right now, but I’m completely open to any ideas you have as well.

    My very best,


    Janet Campbell

    [email protected]

    Please send an email to opt out of any future contact. Thanks!
  • Mia Kania
    commented 2020-05-04 10:15:09 -0700

    I’m reaching out on behalf of a group of students at Pomona College. We will be publishing a virtual “Intro to Critical Environmental Justice” guide on the Pomona College website as our senior capstone project. This guide has several videos from students, professors, and community leaders whose work engages with EJ. We also have a map that shows professors and community organizations in the area that students could potentially take classes with or engage with.

    Would it be alright to list your organization as one whose work engages with environmental justice within Southern California?


    Mia Kania
  • Rick Snyder
    commented 2020-03-04 08:28:49 -0800
    Hello Walkers,

    I am a Kaiser patient and my Dr. suggested I contact you! I have back, knee and elbow issues, and I need to do no stressful exercise, so my body is moving. I can’t do my Yoga anymore, or not much. I noticed you said registering ended 2/28/2020. Is there any exceptions that might help me?

    Thank you for your commitment and kindness!!!!
  • Dick Platkin
    commented 2019-07-24 18:01:13 -0700
    My long time offer to lead an organized walk at Wilshire and Fairfax, Page Park, Tar Pits, LACMA, across the street to Park LaBrea, and then to the Pan Pacific Park and the Farmers Market is still waiting.
  • hallet biran
    commented 2019-03-23 03:50:40 -0700
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  • Gena Torres
    commented 2018-11-19 07:41:07 -0800
    Hi. I had the pleasure of meeting Beverly Shelton at the NYC Vision Zero Conference and she mentioned a handout given to loved ones of victims of traffic violence introducing them to your FSS group. I’d love to produce something like that for survivors here in Tampa. Can I get a copy?
  • Christy Stamos
    commented 2018-10-24 10:47:41 -0700

    We are interested in placing one of our students in your Organization for a Volunteer opportunity this winter.

    Our Company

    The Foundation for Global Education (The FGE) brings international university students to the U.S. to participate in an educational and cultural workshop through volunteering with U.S. based companies. Our organization is developed with the plan in mind to help international students apply their knowledge to businesses and grow their learning potential for educational advancement. Our program promotes the equal benefit of a traditional volunteer program from a fresh perspective of a college student but from another culture. Current and previous company placements expressed only positive reviews, with supervisors stating their gratitude for the hard work, dedication, and youthful approach these students brought to their companies.

    Additional benefits to your organization would include pro bono as it is listed under our foundation. You would also be helping aspiring students with their intercultural education. These are bright, motivated individuals who each have sets of dreams which include pursuing study in the U.S. for graduate school and future employment in the U.S.

    Our mission is to place students with organizations for an educational and cultural workshop. The students are all screened by our government-partnered agency and by our organization before they are accepted into our program. We hold interviews with all students to test their English language.

    Winter Program highlights:

    The students are available 30-35 hours a week Monday-Friday for four weeks. Our four week winter sessions, operate from January 19 to March 2.

    Hours, lunch and work assigned are dependent on your company for the benefit of your business.

    Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in this opportunity as we will be making all student placements in October and November.

  • dsdfss sdfsd
    commented 2018-10-03 13:35:51 -0700
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  • gary peskin
    commented 2018-05-30 08:01:40 -0700
    i’d like to organize a senior walk in Pan Pacific Park. Can you help me coordinate this with me?
  • Cindy Trillo
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