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FOX 11In Depth: Safer Streets and Stuttering (8/1/2021) 

PatchSCAG awards more than $275,000 to 31 traffic safety projects (7/8/2021)

Pasadena Now2 Community-Driven Traffic Safety Projects Earn Cash Awards (7/6/2021)

LAistThe Pandemic Reshaped Streets And Public Spaces — For Some. We Want To Hear Your Stories (6/17/2021)

ABC 7: Community holds ceremony for woman killed by speeding teen in West LA Lamborghini crash (6/13/2021)

KCRWCicLAvia partners with LA restaurants so you can eat outdoors in style this summer (6/10/2021)

LA Podcast: God Save the Queen Mary (6/1/2021)

Witness LA: CA Bill Could Bring Freedom To Cross The Street Without Fear Of Criminalization For “Jaywalking” (5/13/2021)

Curbed LA: Peatónito the Pedestrian Superhero Is Finishing Up Grad School at UCLA (5/6/2021)

Streetsblog CA: Bill to Decriminalize “Jaywalking” Sails Through Assembly Transportation Committee (4/27/2021)

KCET: A Walk Along L.A.'s Original Borders Reveals Surprising Remnants from the City's Past (4/27/2021)

Crosstown LA: COVID-19 is making LA safer for pedestrians (1/5/2021)

Streetsblog LA: L.A. Should ‘Al Fresco’ Its Bus Stops (11/17/2020)

Streetsblog LA: Streetsies 2020: Thanks for Games Night, and See You Saturday! (10/22/2020)

Streetsblog LA: May Protest Update: Metro Refused Some Mutual Aid Requests, Most Bus Damage Was Minimal (8/6/2020)

APA LA: Three City Planning Norms to Ditch (6/10/2020)

Streetsblog LA: Metro Sides with Police, Against Riders – Shuts Down System, Shuttles Arrestees (6/2/2020)

Streetsblog LA: Friday L.A. Round-Up: Traffic Deaths Spike, COVID-19 Slow Streets, and 7th Street Lanes (5/15/0202)

Spectrum News: How To Make Your Daily Walk in Southern California More Interesting (5/18/2020)

LAist: The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Cities Rethinking Public Space. Why Was A Plan Postponed In LA? (5/8/2020)

Outside: What to Do if You're Hit by a Car (5/4/2020)

Curbed LA: Where to walk in LA during the pandemic (4/24/2020)

Streetsblog LA: Council District 12 Forum: Lee No-Show, Lundquist and Alnajjar Talk Transportation (2/6/2020)

LA Times: As L.A. traffic deaths stay high, officials plead with drivers to stop texting (2/5/2020)

Curbed LA: ‘Exciting’ Hollywood Boulevard makeover unveiled. But don’t call it radical. (1/31/2020)

KCRW: A look in the rear view mirror - at the roaring 2020s in LA (1/9/2020)

The Wave NewspaperMAKING A DIFFERENCE: Los Angeles Walks advocates for pedestrian safety (1/9/2020)

Streetsblog LAWho Are We Building Transit For? (1/9/2020)

Curbed LAAt least 236 people were killed in car crashes in 2019. More than half were walking (1/6/2020)

LAist'Car Accident' Or 'Traffic Violence'? The Way We Talk About Crashes Is Evolving (1/3/2020)

Curbed LA: 54 people were killed in hit-and-run crashes last year (9/3/19)

LA Times: 100 rainbow ‘halos’ on Los Angeles street corners will honor people killed in car crashes (9/3/19)

LAist: LA's Remembering People Killed In Traffic Collisions With 'Rainbow Halos' (8/20/19)

Curbed LA: Colorful ‘halos’ memorialize victims of LA’s deadly traffic crashes (8/17/19)

Univision: ‘Rainbow Halo’, la obra de arte que rinde homenaje a las víctimas fatales de atropellamientos en Los Ángeles (8/16/2019)

KPCC: You Can Walk To Dodger Stadium And Save Your Parking Money For Dodger Dogs (8/5/2019)

Los Feliz Ledger: Atwater Braces for Fletcher Road Diet (8/1/2019)

UC Berkeley: Explore Safe Streets Best Practices in New Guide (7/23/2019)

KCRW: Why can’t LA fix its broken sidewalks? (7/22/2019)

LAist: LA Metro's Rapid Bus Plan Is Tearing Eagle Rock Apart (7/16/2019)

La Opinion: Protestan propuesta de extender el horario para servir alcohol (6/28/2019)

Streetsblog LA: New Safe Streets Advocacy Guide from L.A. Walks and Best Start (7/25/2019)

The Movement Podcast: We Don’t Have to Resign Ourselves to Being a Car City (6/19/2019)

PBS News Hour: Why U.S. pedestrian deaths are at their highest level in almost 30 years (6/18/2019)

Los Angeles Times: Op-Ed: Metro is hemorrhaging riders. It needs to stop studying obvious fixes and start acting (5/17/2019)

Streetsblog LA: Interview with John Yi, New Executive Director of Los Angeles Walks (5/13/2019)

LA Weekly: Do You Have to Sue to Get the City of L.A. to Design With Pedestrians in Mind? (7/14/2015)

LA Opinion: Las intersecciones viales más mortales para peatones en LA (7/13/2015)

Los Angeles Times: Walking in L.A.: Times analysis finds the county's 817 most dangerous intersections (7/12/2015)

Los Angeles Daily News: Top 5 eco-friendly modes of transportation in Southern California (7/1/2015)

LAist: Weekend Planner: 21 Things To Do In Los Angeles (6/18/2015)

KCET: Pedestrians and Bicyclists Disappointed Over Glendale-Hyperion Bridge Decision  (6/11/2015)

USA Streetsblog: Can LA Make “Great Streets” If the Mayor Won’t Stand Up for Good Design? (5/19/2015)

KCET: To Road Diet or Not on Glendale-Hyperion Bridge (5/18/2015)

NBC LA: LA's Worst Hot Spots for Pedestrian Collisions (3/20/2015)

KCET: Another Roundup: 'Musical Chairs' Among the Electeds. Stadium Bait-and Switch. Transit and Consequences. L.A. Is Slipping Away. (3/19/2015)

LAist:Map: The Worst Intersections For Pedestrians (3/17/2015)

SCPR: First Person: Jack Moreau wants a more connected Arroyo Seco(3/15/2015)

KCET:Reimagining the Arroyo Seco as an Alternative Transportation Corridor (3/5/2015)

LA Streetsblog: Excitement Builds for Livable Streets Candidate Forum for CD 4 Candidates  (1/27/2015)

LA Streetsblog: Editorial: Respect Your Advisory Committee, Build a Safer Hyperion Bridge (1/27/2015)

NextCity: L.A. Weighs Options for Fixing 4,400 Miles of Sidewalks (1/2/2015)

LA Streetsblog: Caribbean-Style Parades, Drum Processions, and Bike Rodeos, Oh My!: Here’s What’s on Tap at CicLAvia on Sunday (12/5/2014)

LA Streetsblog: L.A. Planning Commission Won’t Approve Mobility Plan Before April 2015(11/20/2014)

KCET: On Location: Inglewood (11/18/2014)

Los Angeles Daily News: Grand Park’s Dia de los Muertos celebration highlights social issues (10/30/2014)

KCET: Celebrate L.A. from Luis Rodriguez to the San Gabriels (10/10/2014)

LADOT’s Bold New Strategic Vision: Eliminate L.A. Traffic Deaths By 2025 (9/30/2014)

LA Streetsblog: Panel Review: “The New Streets of L.A.” (8/8/2014)

Los Angeles Times: L.A. half-cent tax proposal for street, sidewalk repair is pulled (6/10/2014)

Los Angeles Times: Millions in unspent money could be added to sidewalk repair budget (6/2/2014)

LA Downtown News: Money Secured for Chinatown Park (5/23/2014)

CityLab (The Alantic): In the Pedways of Los Angeles Past, a Vision of a Pedestrian-Friendly Future (5/20/2014)

Los Angeles Times: $10 million to be spent on sidewalks next to city properties (4/25/2014)

LA Streetsblog: March Forth Demo Pits Super-Pedestrians vs. Giant Metal Machines (3/5/2014)

Southern California Public Radio: UPDATE: Mayor Garcetti won't back Figueroa Landbridge(2/20/2014)

LA Streetsblog: L.A. City Council Considers Multiple Sidewalk Repair Motions  (2/10/2014)

LA Streetsblog, LA Streetsblog: MyFigueroa! Needs a Hero as Livable Streets Villains Line Up Against City’s First Cycletracks (1/29/2014)

LA Streetsblog: New Gatto Legislation Requires License Suspension for All Hit and Run Drivers (1/22/2014)

LA Streetsblog: LAPD Crackdowns and Complete Streets: City’s Pedestrian Advisory Committee Puts its Foot Down (1/17/2014)

LA Streetsblog: “They Never Do Things Like This in My Neighborhood!”: New Park Along Vermont Ave. Surprises, Delights Residents (1/16/2014)

Salon: L.A. ditches traffic jams: A Hollywood renaissance for walking and biking(1/11/2014)

LA Streetsblog: And the Winners Are(1/3/2014)

KCRW: Will Your Car Become Just Another Mobile Device? (11/20/2013)

Gizmodo: How Encouraging People to Walk Can Help Strengthen Our Cities(10/21/2013)

LA Streetsblog: On Bike/Ped. Count Day, Bonin Introduces Motion Demanding Better Bike/Ped Data from the City (9/10/2013)

Huffington Post: What LA Can Teach The Rest Of America About Living Well (PHOTOS) (9/5/2013)

LA Downtown News; Plan to Put Bike Lanes on Figueroa Divides Community (9/3/2013)

LA Streetsblog: Integrating Land Use and Transportation VI: Industry (7/29/2013)

New York Times: Hollywood’s New Stars: Pedestrians(6/16/2013)

Los Angeles Magazine: Foot Soldier Alissa Walker Explains Why She’s Better Off Ped (3/29/2013)

KCET: $3 Billion Street Repair Bond for L.A. Ballot on Hold (1/14/2013)

KCET: To Walk and Die in L.A. (12/28/2012)

blogdowntown: New 'zebra crossings' aim to make 53 LA intersections safer (12/18/2012) 

KCRW: Can LA Be Turned into a City of Walkers? (4/18/2012)

LAist: Yes, People DO Walk in L.A.: And Now Walkers Have Their Own Advocacy Group (4/11/2012)

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