Los Angeles Walks Congratulates CD4 Councilmember-elect David Ryu


Los Angeles Walks congratulates David Ryu on his victory in yesterday's Council District 4 election

As LA's pedestrian safety advocacy organization, Los Angeles Walks has been strongly advocating for the two-sidewalk option (known as "Option 3") for the improvement project planned for the Hyperion Bridge. Although it is only one bridge in a city of many, the Hyperion Bridge renovation is critical as this project will set a precedent -- and the proposed design fails to serve all users in the City of Los Angeles. We are pleased that Councilmember-elect Ryu, who counts the bridge in his council district, supports Option 3.

During the campaign, the Councilmember-elect showed himself to be a strong supporter of making our streets safer for all road users. On the eve of the election, Ryu even sent his campaign manager to a Board of Public Works hearing to fight for more sidewalk space on the future Glendale-Hyperion Complex of Bridges.


Ryu's campaign gave this testimony for the Hyperion Bridge:

"I am writing to you to express my strong support for "Option 3" for the Glendale Boulevard-Hyperion Avenue Complex of Bridges Improvement Project. I first expressed my support for  "Option 3" at a Democrats for Neighborhood Action (DNA) meeting because this option would maintain 2 sidewalks and buffered bike lanes on both sides, all while improving traffic flow. This option has wide community support and many dedicated community members have been working for over a year and a half on this issue. From sidewalk access for students walking to school, to families seeking to travel by foot to local businesses, I believe "Option 3" is the best option to help meet the mobility needs of our community...I stand with both the Silver Lake and Los Feliz Neighborhood Councils and support the need to save the sidewalk on this historic bridge."

How you can help

Please join us congratulating Councilmember-elect Ryu on his victory and thanking him for his support and leadership on the bridge project so far.
Email: [email protected]  |  Twitter: @davideryu

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