Say hello to our new Executive Director, Alex!

We've got an update! After being with us for nearly five years, our current Executive Director John Yi will be moving on at the end of February. We're grateful for his service to Los Angeles pedestrians and helping us build our innovative Safe Street Promotor Educator program! 

But fear not! We're excited to announce that Alex Ramirez, formerly at LA Más, will be our new Executive Director.

Alex is a Mexican-American immigrant and brings over a decade of experience in urban planning supporting working class communities across Mexico, Latin America and the U.S. Alex grew up walking the historic streets of her hometown of Cholula, in central Mexico, where she grounded her interest in how people navigate and shape the spaces they inhabit.

As a mother and a person with a visual impairment, Alex is passionate about pedestrian advocacy and supporting connected, safe and welcoming streets for all. You can reach Alex at

We're excited to have her continue our work!


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