Reimagining Wilmington's L St. & Figueroa St.

For the past two years, the LA harbor community of Wilmington and our promotora educators have been working with LA City's People Street Program for safer pedestrian infrastructure. Dubbed as the Wilmington Calles Seguras Familias Sanas (Wilmington Safe Streets Healthy Families) campaign, local parents and grandparents quickly identified the popular intersection of L St. & Figueroa St. as an ideal candidate for a crosswalk.

  • On weekdays, the intersection serves as one of the few walkable connections across the I-110 between LA Harbor College and the neighborhood.
  • On weekends, families would use the same intersection to go to the Harbor College Swap Meet on campus.
  • As a street running parallel to I-110, Figueroa St. often serves as an alternative route for port and refinery related industrial vehicles, making local streets more dangerous. 

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And thanks to the support of Cal State Poly students, we have drafts of other changes our community members are considering to pursue. Stay tuned for more updates on our Wilmington Calles Seguras Familias Sanas campaign! 

Do you live in Wilmington or the surrounding community? Want to get involved with our partners? Email us at [email protected]

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