Say Hello to our New Safe Street Promotore Graduates!

When it comes to your street and community design, who knows better than you and your neighbors? That is the central belief when it comes to our Safe Street Promotore Educators: that community members - armed with organizing tools and technical expertise - are best equipped to direct cities and governments on their infrastructure needs.

Through a 10-month Ped Power Workshop series, LA's Wilmington and San Pedro parents gained knowledge on topics like safe street infrastructure, navigating City programs and systems to secure said infrastructure, Google Earth/GIS mapping tools, and more. Now as graduates they're prepared to not only deftly navigate City systems and power to secure safe street infrastructure but train their neighbors and peers to do the same.

So say hello to our first graduating class of Safe Street Promotore Educators! 

Under the project name, Wilmington Calles Seguras, Familias Sanas (Wilmington Safe Streets, Healthy Families), the promotore graduates organized a press conference with the goal of celebrating their certification and sharing with the public their grassroots and community-based approach to City planning and street design.





You can find a recording of the press conference here:

You can also download our official Press Kit. We've also prepared a Pedestrian Kit with further background on our project and our community partners.

Finally, big thanks to our partners who supported our promotores on this journey and the press conference:




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