We're taking on "jaywalking"!

You heard right! Los Angeles Walks and our partners at California Walks and Cal Bikes are co-sponsors to Assembly Member Phil Ting's AB1238, the Freedom to Walk Act, which would repeal California's "jaywalking" laws.

But isn't this law meant to protect pedestrians?

While it may sound like "jaywalking" laws are meant to keep pedestrians safe, the reality is far different. Jaywalking tickets disproportionally penalize Black pedestrians, subjected to racially biased policing, burdensome fees and fines, and even lethal interactions with law enforcement.

Also, decriminalizing "jaywalking" is a major step in changing a street hierarchy that places pedestrians at the bottom. It’s time we stop blaming pedestrians for trying to navigate streets that all too often prioritize cars and fast traffic. If we want neighborhoods that are community-centered, where our children and seniors can move with safety and ease, let us begin by treating those who walk or roll with some dignity.

Smart street design that includes pedestrian infrastructure such as visible & regular crosswalks, street shade, slow speeds is how we create a safe, more walkable and just LA.

Check out our press release:

You can also download the AB1238 Fact Sheet here.
  • John Yi
    published this page in Blog 2021-03-26 10:43:53 -0700

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