Wilmington Parents & Promotoras Win a Decorative Crosswalk!

It took three years but after steadfast organizing, Wilmington parents and safe street promotoras finally got a decorative crosswalk on January 15, 2022. The new infrastructure, designed by the community to reflect Wilmington landmarks, can be found at L St. & Figueroa St.

This is further proof that through a grassroots Safe Street Promotora organizing model, City power will respond to community pedestrian safety needs and infrastructure demands.


And this intersection is an important pedestrian connection between the neighborhood and LA Harbor College:

  • On weekdays, it serves as one of the few walkable connections across the I-110 between LA Harbor College and the neighborhood.
  • On weekends, families would use the same intersection to go to the Harbor College Swap Meet on campus.
  • As a street running parallel to I-110, Figueroa St. often serves as shortcuts for port and refinery related vehicles, putting pedestrians at risk. 



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