Safe Streets, Healthy Families


On June 8th, 2019, Los Angeles Walks convened 200 Angelenos who are advocating for safer streets in their neighborhoods. The Safe Streets, Healthy Families Forum was co-created and co-led by community members from Best Start Metro LA, Best Start Panorama City & Neighbors, and Best Start Wilmington. The morning session consisted of shared best practices and challenges around safe street creative actions from three Best Start Communities. Additionally, the Safe Streets, Healthy Families Advocacy Guide was presented. In the afternoon, forum participants engaged in learning sessions and panel discussions on City Budgets, Safe Routes to School, Curb Ramps, Sidewalks, and Accessibility, and Funds for Beautification Projects.

Best Start Metro LA members laughing and comadreando during a break  Members from Best Start Wilmington strike a pose in front of this ped xing sign activity board 

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Safe Streets, Healthy Families Guide

Co-written with Best Start community members, the Safe Streets, Healthy Families Advocacy Guide captures members’ advocacy journey and vision for safe streets, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to get started. Download the guide! 

  PLAS parent leader reads through and jots down notes on LA Walks’ Safe Streets, Healthy Families Advocacy Guide  


Resources from our Forum

Best Start Metro LA member, Jose Camacho, moderates a breakout session on curb ramps, sidewalks, and accessibility with Cynde Soto (CALIF) and Amber Elton (BOE)  Best Start Metro LA members proudly display their awards and recognitions


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